Taking Stock: March 2020

Cooking : Whatever is my freezer! Fortunately that’s a lot. I’m good for a year..or more…’cept for TP…will trade for chicken 🙂

Drinking : Everything in the house! ( I’m exaggerating…just a little )

Reading: Becoming Michelle Obama by Michelle Obama

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Deciding: This helpful information from WordPress to prevent Content Theft.

Wishing: All my friends stay healthy and safe.

Enjoying: One Republic

Waiting: For the curve to flatten out.

Liking: Better Days

Wondering: You ever play the game “telephone”? It is really not the same but it got me thing about the first person who died in the USA from COVID-19 in Washington State on February 29, 2019

Loving: The feeling of feeling love.

Pondering: Sugar, as addictive as cocaine.

Considering: The Mediterranean diet

Encouraging: Everyone to watch this for some real talk.

Buying: Well I would buy some TP..if I could find any!

Watching: This man and his community living his A Wonderful Life. Art Videos for kids

Hoping: We all grow old so well.

Marveling: Gratitude on steroids!

Cringing: At the conspiracy theories. Seems to me, like just another way to hate on people.

Needing: More sanitizer!

Questioning: Photo Compression, am I doing it right?

Smelling: Petrichor. Not really, its a little early for this, but I thought this article about being able to smell a summer rain coming was interesting.

Wearing: The N95 mask itself is extremely wonderful (that’s good to know, thanks Doc).

Following: Local Covid-19 Updates

Noticing: Although the numbers for women is disturbing it is not near as disturbing as “U.S. Adults”. Holy Darwin Batman!
Knowing: Life is better after age 50.

Thinking: Don’t ever say SNL is biased!

Admiring: These selfless people.

Bookmarking: I’m not much of a movie watcher but with so many people social distancing there are a lot of bloggers suggesting movies I might be interested in. “The Bride Wore Red” and “Just Pals” from this list looks interesting.

Giggling: at Tim Send
Feeling: Inspired by this family.

Hearing: No ..listening…to this song for the thousandth and the first time!
Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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