Taking Stock: April 2020

Making: Not me but many women in my community are making masks.
My photog friend Nancy made the paper.
She also dropped some by for me (since I work at the hospital) as did my friend Bonnie. It is nice to be loved!

Cooking : Yup, but I live alone so I always make too much!

Drinking : Red Red wine.

Too beautiful not to drink.

Reading: The Dreamer by Sheldon Siegel
Little White Secrets by Carol Mason

Wanting: When all this is over I want to order some of this.

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Deciding: What a wonderful voice/man!

Enjoying: All the online content I’d never get to see in person, like this subway station in Stockholm

Liking: My niece gathering flowers for pressing.

Loving: This song. Never heard it before but I like it! Thanks to the friend who sent it to me.

Pondering: Communicating online through the many apps as we continue to limit our presence in the world. These hints on Body Language might help.

Buying: Groceries at Walmart Pick up.

Watching: Making the Cut (my guilty pleasure) Ozark (if you haven’t seen this one, you should!)

Hoping: That damn curve flattens out soon!

Marveling: How well I am doing without people and also how poorly.

Questioning: I don’t envy the policy makers, not even the president, for the job they are faced with. It feels like we were just recovering from 2008 and boom…here it comes again. Crashing down! But I also worry, especially since I have taken a job at Winchester Medical Center, about easing restrictions too soon.

Smelling: Not me, but this remarkable woman.

Wearing: What everyone else is, yoga pants and t-shirts.

Thinking: Lilacs smell wonderful inside the house and out!

Admiring: John Krasinski! I’ve been a fan for years but his SGN has sealed the deal! (Grab a tissue for this one!)

Feeling: Nostalgic as the place I worked most of my life closes it’s doors.

Noticing: That despite the hand they have been dealt their voices resound!

Snacking: Good lawd…when does it end? Time to go for a walk to get away from the snacking!
I wonder what they are planting on the river walk?

Hearing: Beautiful Music!

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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