Share Your World: June 6, 2020

Is it ever okay to commit a crime? Please explain.
In the eyes of the law, no, unless of course you have a very good lawyer.

Do you deal with change well?
No, although I recognize its necessity and welcome the growth it brings.

Do you like birds? The sound of bird song in the morning, taking pictures of them, as food?
I do like birds, but I really wish they wouldn’t nest in my hanging plants!

What’s the least used item of clothing you own?
If I still have my girdle (or whatever was the updated term for the last one I bought), then I am going with that. Final answer.

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?
In these days, it is the simplest of things. Time with three of my besties on three different occasions, in their outdoor spaces, socially distant, but close at heart.

Share Your World

3 thoughts on “Share Your World: June 6, 2020

  1. Love the quote at the end about friends containing a whole world. I’m reading No Happy Endings right now, and I think the author, Nora, would agree with that because after she lost her baby, dad, and husband, within SIX WEEKS, she had to rely on her friends in new ways. And I just love the idea that they can be that for us and us for them.


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