Taking Stock: June 2020

Cooking : My sister told me about an interesting recipe and since I am growing mint on my front porch, I had to try it. Peas with mint and feta. Good, something different.

Drinking : More with mint, Bacardi Limon Rum with mint sprigs (and sometimes some white wine).

Reading: This Terrible Beautyby Katrin Schumann
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Hearing: The AC running..it is getting hot out there! Gonna keep it cool in here 🙂

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Loving: This optimistic young man.

Pondering: How far we have come.

Considering: I’ve always known that cultivating relationships with a variety of people is the best way to hone emotional and critical thinking skills. However, knowing and putting to use these practices are two different things. I’m glad for this reminder.

Buying: Like everyone else these days, stuff for my yard, flowers and mulch and wind-chimes to try and scare the birds out of my hanging baskets!

Watching: Glad to see Madam Secretary/President return to Netflix for its final season.
The movie, The Help. I read the book last year and I thought the movie did it justice, but maybe I was wrong. After reading this piece from Viola Davis in Vanity Fair I wonder what kind of movie it could have been with a black voice.
Jeffrey Epstein, on Netflix, fodder for the conspiracy theorists. Good riddance to a POS.
Upload on Amazon Prime. This is a Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy, mindless, but interesting and worth a watch (IMO)

Hoping: COVID 19 goes away!

Marveling: The creativity of photographers in quarantine.

Cringing: At our ranking on World Press Freedom.

Wearing: I got some new capris…with pockets! so many of my other ones were without.

Noticing:We laugh at the far fetched realty demonstrated by conspiracy theorists but it is much less funny when a close family member subscribers to these ideas.

Knowing: Uncomfortable conversations are necessary for growth.

Admiring: These young people reaching out across generations.

Disliking: The way the world see us now.

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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