30 Day Book Challenge Day # 2

30 Day Book Challenge Day #2: Favorite Book by you Favorite Author
How do you choose a favorite book, let alone a favorite author? To me it is like choosing a favorite child. But I will say early in my adulthood an older man at work and I had a conversation about authors and books. He told me to read Eye of the Needle by Ken Follet. I did, and every book thereafter (for a while). My favorite being Pillars of the Earth, which is completely different from those earlier novels of espionage (which I also loved.).

4 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge Day # 2

  1. I read both those books, but I went on to read more of Ken Follet’s work, but “Pillars of the Earth” was a trial to get through. I just don’t like those multiple generations who go through hardships and eventually get rich and then lose it all type books. I did like “Eye of the Needle” though. Even though espionage novels aren’t my thing.


    • I don’t care for later books from the Kingsbridge series and I didn’t like his non fiction On Wings of Eagles. After googling I see there are many I haven’t read. I might have to give him another try.


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