Taking Stock: November 2020

Cooking : Learning how.

Drinking : Had a taste of some delicious peanut butter brandy. Very interesting.

Reading: Legacy of Lies by Robert Bailey
The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
The Butterflies by Kimberly Waldron

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Deciding: What we learned as teenagers…talking on the phone is the best!

Enjoying: Wonderful November. A weekend with my grandson, four days in Lake Anna for my sons wedding, and a quiet Thanksgiving (just the three of us).

Liking: Ideas for reusing your old smart phone.

Pondering: Farmer friends take note!

Buying: I know I didn’t need to, but I did.

Watching: Man with a Plan
The Crown. I got through it in a day or two and am already eagerly awaiting season 5!

Marveling: This all natural remedy.

Cringing: At the rush to Parler, a social media platform for conspiracy theories and misinformation. Read this from The Washington Post

Knowing: If there is actual evidence of fraud substantial enough to alter the outcome of the election, those claims will not remain on Twitter. They will not remain on Sean Hannity or on talk radio. They will end up in federal court, where they’ll be exposed to a searching and critical inquiry.

Hearing: Is that jingle bells? 🙂

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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