My Nativity 2020

I was pretty young when i first got this Nativity Set. I had had my eye on it for at least a year in the Home Interior Catalog. It was about $50.00 (which is the equivalent of of $130.00 in today’s money). I was a young mother of two and although my husband and I both worked we had to pay attention to every penny so this was an extravagance.

The following year my husband found some other animals to go with it but what we didn’t have was the manger. Home Interior offered one for sale but I thought it looked cheap for this beautiful set so my husband made me one. He was quite talented in that way and he made it exactly to my specifications. I loved it. in fact it was probably one of my most favorite Christmas presents ever.

When we divorced it was not with my Christmas stuff. I asked him about it but he said he didn’t know what happened to it. Still irks me just a little.

After that my best friend bought me a manger that I had for a while but it was still not what I really wanted. Then one year at an after Christmas sale I found this one. I’ve had it for years, as well as the angel, which I love. Each year is the same but a little bit different. I’m hoping to find a permanent runner for under it at the sales this year.

Sunday Stills: Lights

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