8 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Bare Tree Silhouettes the Sky

  1. Happened to see your bare tree from last week’s Sky Watch. Great specimen:) On the country side the difference between the seasons is so much more visible. I miss the views like in your header in winter – beautiful and peaceful.Jesh


      • Am or was for most of my life a suburbian dweller, but last six years I lived on the country side, and I miss everything about it, the skies, sunset, not to forget the trees!!
        The only drawback was that it was hard to make friends, or people one has something in common with. Luckily had 2 of my kids and their families living about 2 hours away.


        • That is a draw back. I live in town and have for forty years. I raised my children here. I was involved in scouts, little league, and the PTA, so I know a lot of people. However most of my closest friends i met at work or from friends of friends. Then there is online. i have lots of friends on line, of course but more than that, ten years ago I started a facebook photography group and a handful live here in town, most of whom I had never met before this group. Pre-COVID we were having shows about twice a year and meeting up for lunch and outings. I hope to see them again by summer…fingers crossed.


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