Share Your World: February 13, 2021

In your opinion, do May/December (older partner with much younger partner) romances ever work?
I believe that successful relationships have less to do with people’s age and more to do with their tenacity and commitment.

What physical action or gesture do you find romantic?
I find very few physical actions romantic these days. I’m a far cry from the woman who 25 years ago used to get “sexual shivers” when my (then husband) so much as casually touched me.

What is your idea of a romantic dinner?
Two people creating it together, moving in the kitchen in a perfect rhythm, setting a candlelight table with wine and sharing a desert.

Is ‘love’ a real ‘thing’ or merely a physical chemical response and brain activity pulling our emotional strings?
Hell, I don’t know. I know i love my children. I think I loved my husbands. I don’t, however know, if either one of them ever loved me.

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?
Honestly not much. Wake me up in the spring!

Share Your World

5 thoughts on “Share Your World: February 13, 2021

  1. Thank you Dawn for Sharing Your World! I’m in perfect agreement – wake me up when April comes (that’s Spring ’round here. Usually.) 😉 Wonderful answers you provided too! Have a great weekend!


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