Taking Stock: Month February 2021

Drinking : Skrewball in my hot cocoa.

Reading: The Perils of Heavy Thinking by fellow blogger,the very funny, Russell Gayer
The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Wondering: What 95% efficacy actually means.

Pondering: Recently on some random Facebook post it was asked what concert do you regret not seeing. I have a few and I answered Heart because once I tried desperately to win concert tickets via a radio station contest. I got close and then was devastated when I didn’t win. But before Tom Petty passed I could have seen him and didn’t. I never really had a chance to see Heart but Tom Petty was within my reach and it was my own stupidity (involving a man) that I didn’t grab it.

Watching: The Queen’s Gambit
Bridgerton (that was hot!)
Good Witch (this was just okay, not great, but I did watch the 5 seasons available on Netflix, so obviously good enough).

Marveling: There is hope for us all!

Cringing: Not my parents but plenty of other family members who are on the verge or gone.

Noticing: I can check off several of these boxes but not all. Not done yet.

Giggling: Days gone by.

Hearing: Mostly the sound of snow plows up and down the road. 😦

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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