A Gallery of Friends and Family in Black and White

I love black and white photography and I have a ton of it on my website. I decided to create a gallery but it was just too much. Finally, after narrowing it down, and narrowing it down again, and then narrowing it own again, I decided to go with “people pictures” probably one of the smallest categories available, and pnly of people I actually know. The good thing about this is that it lets me share one of the images from a recent photo shoot with a friends granddaughter (last image).

Sunday Stills: Black and White

7 thoughts on “A Gallery of Friends and Family in Black and White

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  3. These are adorable, Dawn. Molly looks so serious with her great-grandma. Little girls and doggies was another of my favorites. Fun to have these altogether where you can refer back to them and send links to the family. 🙂


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