TBT 2013: The Murmuration of Starlings

In 2013 I wrote about this scene I came upon and what I learned.

I sometimes enjoy reading what I wrote in the past. In my post The Murmuration of Starlings I can hear the wonder and youth in my voice. I remember, then, thinking I was so old  but reading this now, to me (at least), sounds youthful. I wonder what I will think if I come back here in 2029.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Taking Flight

10 thoughts on “TBT 2013: The Murmuration of Starlings

  1. I know just what you mean about looking back – and looking forward Dawn! I once read the definition of “old” is 10 years older than you are. Pretty true, don’t you think? Anyway, loved your starlings, would love to see a murmuration one day.


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