Best of the Week: Meet Maxx

Meet Maxx, the new addition to the family of one of my besties. Maxx will be 5 months old on May 5. He is an American bulldog and boxer mix and just the sweetest dog!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It is the season that showcases the vibrancy of pinks and purples, and of course, yellows. Click here to see how Spring has sprung in my neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Best of the Week: Meet Maxx

  1. What a cutie! He looks like a baby movie star! I live in one of those towns where if you own a dog who anyone thinks is a pit bull — which these days could be ANY shorthaired dog of unknown origins — disables your insurance. It’s one of the really stupidest laws ever written. These are some of the best, most loyal and friendly dogs in the world.

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    • Wow…talk about ignorance!
      I’m not really an animal person but my friend here makes u for it in spades. She got Maxx last month and this was the first I had a chance to meet him. Great dog, especially for someone like me who is shy around animals. He doesn’t bark and is friendly but not overly so.

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