Weathering Memories of My Father’s Passing

You don’t think so much about weather conjuring up memories but just like an old song or the whiff of a certain fragrance and image can take you right back.

On this day for the first time I saw the Chesapeake Bay frozen. I was awestruck and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Typically, although raised Catholic, I am fairly agnostic, but it is times like these that I question the faith I have l lost.

Please click the link to read my story.

Frosted Shoreline of the Chesapeake

Sunday Stills: #Weathering Memories

8 thoughts on “Weathering Memories of My Father’s Passing

  1. I couldn’t leave a comment on that post you linked, Dawn, but I had to come back and share that my mom’s goodbye was so similar to your father’s. She’d been in and out of consciousness and I only had 5 more minutes to leave for the airport knowing I would never see her alive again. As I sat next to her telling her about the spring flowers, she suddenly opened her eyes and said, Terri, I love you, just like your sweet dad. Best gift ever. I’m in tears now thinking about it as I read your experience. Bless you my friend and have a wonderful week!


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