TBT Thursday Challenge #1

For today’s throwback I am sharing a 100 word story I wrote in May 2020 for Friday Fictioneers.

The image for this story came from © David Stewart

Friday Fictioneers: Enchanted

I met Joseph when he was visiting his cousin, my brother’s best friend. We hit it off right away.

When he left, he asked me to write to him. He wanted letters. Something he could hold in his hand, he said, and re-read whenever he wanted. I thought it was corny.

I began to fall in love with him from the very first one. We told each other everything and started planning a future as a couple.

We’ve worked hard to save money for me to visit, he wants me to meet his parents. I feel like a princess.

Every Thursday morning I will reblog content here. I’ve have been blogging for 8 years, and have more than enough musings to re-share. I’d love for people to link up. You don’t need to have been blogging any amount of time and it doesn’t have to be photography, in fact sometimes I may (re) share some creative writing or an opinion piece (which is always interesting to look at in retrospect). I will post early (8 am EST) every Thursday to give folks the opportunity to create a pingback.

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