TBT Thursday Challenge # 2

I wrote this story in 2013, coincidentally about 4-6 weeks before I broke off my engagement. I’ve tweaked it slightly for today’s post.

I sat on the beach, wrapped my arms around my knees, and put my head down. My salty tears dripped into the sand, returning to the sea. I looked up to watch the waves and felt the sounds, and sights of the beach wash over and calm me.

I was tired of fighting. I was tired of slamming doors, of yelling, and the sounds of our escalating arguments.
Perhaps I would sit here for hours.

My thoughts were interrupted by two squawking sea gulls.
“They must be married” I thought and rose to begin my trek home.

Every Thursday morning I will reblog content here. I’ve have been blogging for 8 years, and have more than enough musings to re-share. I’d love for people to link up. You don’t need to have been blogging any amount of time and it doesn’t have to be photography, in fact sometimes I may (re) share some creative writing or an opinion piece (which is always interesting to look at in retrospect). I will post early (8 am EST) every Thursday to give folks the opportunity to create a pingback.

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