TBT Thursday Challenge # 4

Yesterday was my oldest son’s birthday. We call him Tommy, but his wife and friends call him Tom. It was the same for his father. It gets a little confusing at times. But his father and I divorced many years ago and he and his siblings (who call their brother Tommy) are the only ones still in my life. I was going to share a post about him today but it seems the only ones I have are about him and one sibling or the other or a him and a child or wife. None specifically about him. I should fix that (I’ll put it on the list). In the mean time I did find this fictional story and one of the character’s names was Tommy. I’ll share that.

Inspired by this photograph:

I wrote:
Tommy and Joey were brothers and best friends. They lived with their family in a big house on a secluded island. They were home schooled by their nanny and guarded by men with guns. Their father worried about kidnappers.

They both loved the beach and after school they would race to the water’s edge, body guards jogging behind them.

Today was no different, but upon reaching the beach they found a strange structure. Tommy sprinted up the steps and Joey quickly followed. The guards hollered for them to stop but it was too late. They entered the door and vanished.

Every Thursday morning I will reblog content here. I’ve have been blogging for 8 years, and have more than enough musings to re-share. I’d love for people to link up. You don’t need to have been blogging any amount of time and it doesn’t have to be photography, in fact sometimes I may (re) share some creative writing or an opinion piece (which is always interesting to look at in retrospect). I will post early (8 am EST) every Thursday to give folks the opportunity to create a pingback.

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