Best of the Week: A Return to Meems

If you know me in person or have been following my blog fr a while you know that one of my favorite local landmarks to photograph is Meems Bottom Covered Bridge. I’ve got 100’s of photographs of this bridge. Actually what I should say is I had</em> 100’s of photographs of this bridge.

About 2 months ago my external hard drive crashed and with it my images from the last 13 years. I’m working with a data recovery service but so far there has been little progress. The worst thing is, of course, the heartbreak over the loss. I literally was grieving for several weeks, but besides that is the embarrassment. I’ve been doing this a while and know better than to not have my files backed up. I feel so stupid.

But anyway…I may not be able to go back and get all the shots I have lost but I did return to Meems to get one of her.

Follow this link to see Summer in my world.

2 thoughts on “Best of the Week: A Return to Meems

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about losing your precious photos, Dawn! Who wouldn’t grieve over that loss! Gorgeous shot of Meems–those covered bridges are just amazing to see. I invested in a premium Dropbox account years ago which holds 2 terabytes of images. About 12 bucks a month and worth it! I was thinking of your blog today now that fall is in the air and looking forward to your festival of leaves again 🙂


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