Festival of Leaves 2021:Week # 10~ Autumn View at Cullers Overlook

We are getting to the end of the leaf season. You can see how splotchy it is. I’m sad but it is so beautiful it is hard to be too sad. And by the way…Happy Thanksgiving!

I love autumn so I am hosting the 2021 Festival of Leaves Challenge. I will post every Thursday and I invite everyone to join in any time through the week for any or all weeks.

This challenge usually runs about 10-12 weeks, with the last week being a wrap up. You can link up here or on any of the individual weeks. Be sure to tag your post Festival of Leaves so it is easy to find in the reader.

See more of my autumn images by clicking here:A Lingering Look at Autumn

10 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2021:Week # 10~ Autumn View at Cullers Overlook

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