Sunday Stills: Blinded by the Light

I was in Front Royal recently and decided to stop by the Main Street Gazebo and take some pictures. Their Main Street is always so pretty during the holidays I always see couple of photographers when I am there. This time was no different and so I decided to move down the street to get a different view.

Now, it gets a little tricky when you are trying to stand in the street to take pictures. There is a light, so that helps, somewhat. I kept waiting for this guy with the solar eclipse style headlights to go by but he must have been double parked or something so I finally gave up and snapped the picture.

Sunday Stills: #Light the Night

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Blinded by the Light

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  2. What a charming, festive street, Dawn! Even with the solar eclipse headlights! I love being in a small town’s street small enough to be able to string lights across the street! Thanks for linking up for Sunday Stills and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and safe start to your New Year!


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