Sunrise Serenity

I’ve been at my current job for three years now. I work the evening shift. I like the job, the people and the hours. What I don’t like, or rather I should say, what I miss, are sunrises. Because of the shift I work now I rarely get to be before 2 am, so I am rarely up at sunrise. I used to go out on a Sunday morning about once a month and capture the sunrise. There are fewer people out that time of day on Sundays so I wouldn’t get in anyone’s way (and they wouldn’t get in mine). I remember the feeling of serenity during theose early morning low cruises and I miss that.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Serene

8 thoughts on “Sunrise Serenity

  1. Well Dawn, you may miss the serenity of sunrise, but you have a treasure trove of images to come back to for a reminder of the peace you found there. I admire your ability to work such late hours. I honestly don’t think I could do it! Beautiful response to the challenge.


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