Best of the Week: Christmas Controversy…Not!

My youngest and I do not see eye to eye politically. I don’t know where I went wrong, but I try not to dwell on it. I love him very much and he is but one of my family members that sees things differently than I do. He’s always liked to push my buttons so it turns out he wore this shirt to do just that. Trouble was I paid no attention to it. Finally his wife had to alert me to the giddiness her husband was enjoying by wearing this shirt for Christmas dinner with his mother. “Oh”, I said, I didn’t really notice (and I truly didn’t) then I read it and looked at him sideways and said “I don’t get it”. I changed the subject and that took some of the wind out. “Make sure to make that your new profile picture” he said three times before I left. Again I played dumb “Oh, okay, I don’t know, maybe, its a Christmas pic and Christmas is almost over”.

To be honest I still like this Christmas pic of us.

Andrew and I looking at the tree 1994

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