My Past Future

This week’s prompts from Sunday Stills: Future and Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Double Dipping have really inspired me today. In fact its more like double double dipping inspiring. So here goes.

I’ll start with that old Word Press Challenge: Future Terri mentioned in her original post. I had one too. From 2016 I observed what I decided was this farmers future, some gardening and some fishing. Work hard, play hard, right?

One of my favorite challenges (now defunct) was the Travel Theme from Where’s My Backpack. I’d like to think the host, Ailsa, is now married and traveling with her husband and maybe even a couple of little ones by now. I’m an optimist, you know, then as now, The Future Looks Bright.

A Photo A Week Challenge this week is Posterity. I skimmed on by it when it came up in my reader, but again, that #SundayStills inspiration clicked in and I found this post from two years ago, because of the pandemic this was probably the last time I saw this sweet child. I’m glad to have found her in my archives.

I wrote my first 100 word piece of fiction for Friday Fictioneers on December 28, 2014 and my last one in August of 2020. I miss the writing and the group but I can’t seem to find my way back. Perhaps in the future? None the less I wrote a couple of stories with a Future Theme. Here is one from 2015. Entrance to the Future.

I do a weekly quote every Monday morning but I recently discovered Marsha’s Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge . A quick search led me to a couple of “Future” Quotes from the past. I chose this one to share today.

For several years I participated in the April A-Z Challenge but in 2019 I combined it with National Poetry Writing Month and worked my writing muscle for 30 days. It was a good exercise and I love what I came up with on the 12th day K is for Kids, who are most definitely our future.

I don’t know what my future holds. When you get to be my age you can see that your health is the most important indicator of any kind if future, although I guess with the pandemic the last few years, most people feel this way. So let’s say when you get to be my age the most important thing to look forward to is grandchildren.
Married in 2020 I’m counting on these two for that.

A picture of their dogwood tree in its second year.

11 thoughts on “My Past Future

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  2. I love how the blogosphere can inspire so much to support our creative endeavors, Dawn! When I was researching, I saw your thumbnail post and enjoyed that image, glad you could dust it off and share it again. Oh yes, the future of grandkids…I’m right there with ya! I have two step-grandbabies and eagerly awaiting the marriage of my daughter who wants kids sooner than later! Lovely future images!


  3. Nicely done Dawn – I enjoyed your theme of the Future (may have to use it as a Lens-Artists theme one of these days!)as you looked back – very clever! Ah yes, health and grandchildren – at this point they have to sit at the top of our focus points. Add my husband and you’ve covered the gamut! Here’s to a bright, healthy future for all of us!


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