Bloganuary Day 16-21

Word Press is Hosting Bloganuary for the month, giving us daily prompts or questions to blog about. I can’t keep up with it daily so I am doing a re-cap for the week. Here is week two, the questions and my answers:

January 16: What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?
I would not say I am passionate about it but I contribute indirectly through my Amazon Smile account to a local agency that provides shelter and helps people get and stay off the streets. The best part about giving this way is you are not inundated with mailings asking you to give. I used to give to St. Jude’s but, although it has been years since I have done so, I still receive address labels from them about twice a year. So I keep things local. The fire department gets theirs, and since I was a girls scout leader in a previous life I like to buy a box of cookies each year. I’ll do a u-turn in the middle of the road for a lemonade stand (is that a charity?) and shop at the two local thrift stores who support their own causes.

January 17: What is a super power you would love to have?
What are the choices? I (think) I would like to be able to tell when someone is lying, but if being able to eat whatever I want without gaining weight is a choice, I’ll take that.

January 18: What book is next on your reading list?
I just started The Orphan Collector set in 1918 during the onset of the Spanish Flu. I love to read. I have a (Goodreads) goal of 55 books to read this year. My Goodreads reviews are here. Most of the books I read, I read on my Kindle but I also listen to audio books and carry a paperback with me in case I have to wait somewhee.

January 19: Write about something mysterious.
This might not be mysterious to everyone, but it sure is to me. How did conspiracy theories become so mainstream? Sure, I know, the internet, facebook, the talking heads of radio, TV, and podcasts that spew falsehoods veiled as “news” that is no mystery. But how can so many people (and not just Americans) believe things that are continually proven to be untrue. Yes, I know, when they “research” they go to the places that confirm their beliefs, but still. Doesn’t anyone stop and say…”that can’t be right?”

January 20: What is your favorite photo you have ever taken?
I’ve taken so many pictures I wouldn’t even know where to begin.
I guess I will begin with family.

It is hard to choose but these are some of my favorite scenic pictures, feel free to click through the galley for a better view of each image

January 21: If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?
I’m assuming we have the added gift of forethought, and if so I would return to 1992. I’ve got some things to do right this time.


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