Share Your World: January 22, 2022

Fill in: ‘If I were really completely honest, I would say that …’ This is a question for “radical-honesty“.
What are the things you wouldn’t normally say?
Things you would otherwise actually hide?
What’s on your mind?
What would you really like to be able to say?

I would say that “radical honesty” is an excuse for being rude. It gives people permission to spew whatever is on their mind, whatever they have decided the truth might be at any given moment. I would say we already have too much of that without giving it a trendy “name”.

Have you ever broken anything?
What about rules?

I’ve broken a few ribs when I was small and in a car accident.
I have also been known to jaywalk.

Are you afraid of spiders? What is your biggest fear, other than spiders?
I’m not really afraid of spiders, although they are not my favorite critters. I’ve been bitten by the brown recluse on three different occasions, each time treated with steroids. When I got bit on the back of my leg the red splotch stayed there for a year. These days my biggest fear is falling.

Do you think time goes faster as you get older?
Not only do I think so, I know so.

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?
After being “iced in” yes iced in , not snowed in, for 4 days. On the fifth day I ventured out to the library and grocery store. I took the back road over but the main road home. I don’t trust ice.

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4 thoughts on “Share Your World: January 22, 2022

  1. Thanks, Dawn for Sharing Your World! “Falling” was the biggest named ‘fear’, spiders came in a poor third. Maybe. I agree that falling as one ages (not that I think you’re old or anything) is a dangerous thing to do. Speaking for myself old bones tend to break while young bones are more resilient. Ice isn’t my friend either, it recently cost me $1300 in car repairs after hitting a patch and slamming into the curb. They don’t build cars like they used to either come to think of it. I’m glad you were finally able to get out after five days of being iced in. That must have been stressful! Still you got a lovely photo! 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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