Harpers Ferry Heritage

The word heritage means, according to Dictionary.com (my preferred online dictionary):

Noun(1): something that is handed down from the past, as a tradition: a national heritage of honor, pride, and courage.
Adjective(1):noting or relating to a product, place, etc., that evokes a nostalgic sense of tradition or history.

These images are from nearby Harpers Ferry West Virginia where my 3x great grandfather was a doctor during the civil war. Much of the property he owned was lost to eminent domain when they made the town a National Park.

One Word Sunday: Heritage

10 thoughts on “Harpers Ferry Heritage

    • Honestly if it hadn’t been for my oldest cousin who is the genealogist in our family, I might not have appreciated it. When we were kids we would visit Harpers Ferry sometimes and my dad would grumble that his inheritance was lost to eminent domain, but to be honest I never paid much attention to him. Even when I was older and he tried to share this stuff with me I didn’t pay attention. It wasn’t until Facebook and I created a cousin group, ironically to keep everyone up to date on the progression of my fathers kidney cancer, that I really began to appreciate it. My genealogist cousin often reminds us of our heritage in that group. Turns out we are pretty much related to everyone, but the Harpers Ferry connection is the one I have really owned.


  1. My favorite day trip, and you take the best pictures! I’d like to climb Maryland Heights again while I still can. You should go with me; it’s not a hard or long climb.


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