Taking Stock: February 2022

Drinking : Its red wine season!

Reading: Last Call by Sheldon Siegel
The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty
Golden Poppies by Laila Ibrahim
Autobiography of an Ex Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson

Buying A basket to replace the 30 year old bread box on my kitchen counter.

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Deciding: I’m definitely not interested in going if I can’t take pictures, but I have known instinctively for most of my life that contentment is what I seek/strive for.

Wondering: is this easy “exercise” to good to be true?

Pondering: Comedians, and the lies they tell. Comedy has always been political, from George Carlin, to Jay Leno’s opening monologue, to Wanda Sykes and Roseanne Barr. Calling it something else is a lie. IMHO

Considering: Although I feel I’m a pretty good friend and I know I have se awesome friends, it is good to be mindful of the diligence it takes to maintain friendships. Reaching out and face to face strengthen friendships and are a path to well being.

Marveling: Even camera’s are racially biased.

Cringing: The spread of misinformation. It always contains an element of truth but leaves out the rest of the story. Case in point.

Questioning: Is it good for ourselves or our country to segregate ourselves?

Smelling: I can’t even stand the smell of a cigarette being smoked in a car going by these days but I used to smoke Menthol Cigarettes before I quit a long time ago.

Noticing: Pat Bean continues to be one of my favorite bloggers. This Stand for Truth is part of the reason why.
Knowing: Listening, paying attention is more important than ever.

Thinking: It’s not the words it is the numbers!

Hearing: I love listening to books on CD I borrow from our county library.
Takedown Twenty
Top Secret Twenty-One
Tricky Twenty-Two
Turbo Twenty-Three
Hardcore Twenty-Four
all by by Janet Evanovich and read by the oh so very talented Lorelei King

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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