Saving Daylight in Black and White

Every year at this time we hear the grumbles of the sluggish and the cheers from the campaign to make Daylight Savings Time permanent. It doesn’t bother me, maybe because I work the evening shift, I don’t know. I’m not much on losing that hour in the spring but I sure love gaining it in the fall. I never quite get why people get so worked up over it but I guess for some it is a thing. If I had my choice we would remain on DST, but there is good and bad to both.

Sunday Stills: Daylight in Black and White

6 thoughts on “Saving Daylight in Black and White

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  2. Your photos in B&W and enjoyed your thoughts on daylight savings – my husband despises it and thinks it should stop.
    I don’t care either way and like you – it doesn’t matter too much to me


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