I Have Found

I have found that sunsets are just as beautiful as sunrises
it just depends on the day

I have found my voice
my strength
my resilience

I have found love
and my keys

I have found respect
and answers

I have found money in my winter coat
that thing I was looking for
and surprises both good and bad

I have found that people treat you as you allow them
that not everyone has the same heart
that to have a friend you need to be a friend
but not always

I have found that you can choose to be happy
but that bad things still happen to good people
and not every dog has his day

I have found a lot more in this life than I have lost
and I have lost a lot
but not as much as I have found



To recognize National Poetry Month I’ve decided to dip my toe back in to the creative writing pool. Thanks to One Word Sunday: Found for this week’s inspiration.


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