The Bumble Bee Should Have its Own Day

Recently we recognized Bee Day. This year is the first I heard of this day. I’m allergic to bee venom and must go to the hospital ASAP when stung, so I am honestly not a big fan of bees. However I recognize their importance to our continued existence so I am advocating for a bee week. Perhaps we could celebrate a different species each day. The bumble bee rarely stings, and is therefore my favorite.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Every Little Thing

15 thoughts on “The Bumble Bee Should Have its Own Day

    • I do carry Benadryl. The Epi pen is very expensive and expires in a year so my doctor told me to carry Benadryl, take immediately if am stung, and get to the hospital ASAP. But yes, I do avoid the bees, and all my closest family and friends know what to do.
      But thanks ❤


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