Spring Festival 2022: Week # 12~ June Green

Welcome to week# 12 of Spring Festival 2022.

This challenge ran for 12 weeks and this our last week. Everything is that pretty June green around here, and in two weeks it will be summer.

I’d like to all that participated, you shared some great spring images. I’ve listed some of my favorites here:

Peaceful at Dawn Blue: Hydrangea
Unexpected Common Hour: Roses
Words Like Honey: Azaleas
Horse Addict: Gorgeous Orange Tulips
Cornwall in Colors: Cow Parsley
French Cherry Blossoms from GERIATRI’X’
Sunday Stills: Spring Emerging
Whippet Wisdom: Spring Silver

Be sure to come back here in the fall for Festival of Leaves as we celebrate autumn together.

15 thoughts on “Spring Festival 2022: Week # 12~ June Green

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