Pink is for June

I’ve recently had a few conversations about favorite colors. It sounds boring when I put it like that, but believe me, once you get going, it can be quite entertaining. When I was six my favorite color was pink. In fact pink is the first favorite color I remember having, and just like a first love it always remains special to me. I have a birthday coming up and in honor of that pink bicycle I received on my 6th birthday I painted my nails pink. I’m just so tickled!

Sunday Stills: Tickled Pink

10 thoughts on “Pink is for June

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  2. A fabulous mix of pinks, Dawn! My favorite color has always been green, since I’ve lived with red hair my whole life and pink was not a good look on me. Now that I’m 60+ I don’t care and some pinks look great! Love that image in your gallery of the dogwood blossom and of course that pink bicycle! Have a great week!


  3. Oh, Dawn, I LOVE this collection! They’re so delightful you just want to sit and look at them for a long time. Also, this post reminds me of a poem I wrote a few years ago. So just in case you’d like a poem that goes along with your “pink” post, I’m going to include a link to it here: 🙂

    Think Pink


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