Weekly Quote: Birthday Week

It’s my birthday week and I know some people think being so vocal about your birthday, something we all have, is rather unsophisticated and a touch gauche, but I feel like a birthday is a chance to celebrate. If you can’t praise being born and still being here to observe another anniversary of that day, what can you celebrate?

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Quote: Birthday Week

  1. I toyed with whether to post something about my late husband’s birthday, which is today. Facebook leaves me so sad whenever I go on it. I see people with their grown children but most of all I know there are people who sneer at what I do and like. I know I shouldn’t care but I hate sharing things that make me happy and think that someone is looking at it in a negative way. I think my posts on WP still go to FB and I have a few things on Marketplace but I can’t do it for my own mental health.


  2. Dawn
    You are right that celebrating another year is truly worth enjoying
    However – some folks do it in a way that seems more selfish and needy- but not all!
    And when you mention the gift of life – that is the way to view it!
    Happy birthday week


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