Best of the Week: Blue Skies on a Cloudy Day

This almost feels like cheating and I am sure this application is not new, but it is to me. I shot this image on a very cloudy day but since my PC crashed a month ago I had to get a new Photoshop Elements because the old version I had was not compatible with the new PC.

My last edition was 8-10 years old and I was (and still am) a little overwhelmed with all the new features of this 2022 version. Yesterday I discovered “Perfect Landscape” and changed my cloudy gray sky into this…

Is this cheating?

Follow this link to see Summer in my world.

8 thoughts on “Best of the Week: Blue Skies on a Cloudy Day

  1. Interesting question, is it cheating? For me I would just label it photo illustration by x instead of photo by x. It’s not cheating to create something, but its not truthful to create something that wasn’t and say it was.

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  2. That is a great question and in the digital world like this – I expect to see a lot of edits and enhancements – and so I think it depends on how you are using the image to determine how to present it ethically.

    But I don’t think it is cheating to present another one of your beautiful landscape photos – and this one that has a gray sky turned blue
    Is just what photographers “get” to do!


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