Surreal Road Trip Home

I love art, most any art, even just for the sake of art, so when I saw the Lens Artists Challenge: Surreal  I knew I wanted to participate.

I had an idea about surrealism, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, right? But I never paid a lot of attention to it before, I don’t dislike it, as I said, I love all art, but it has really never been my thing.

So in order to learn more, the next thing I did was go down the rabbit hole we call the internet. I got:
Where Impressionism dealt with realistic everyday scenes painted in a stylized way, Surrealism depicted unnatural scenes painted in a realistic style.
which only left me more confused.

So I asked “What is the difference of Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism?
and got:
Abstract art has a confusing and vague quality that allows a viewer to interpret it subjectively but can also give the viewer an uneasy feeling. Surrealist art has a dreamlike, bizarre quality, or what is now called a surreal quality, after the movement itself.
Confusing and vague, yes I get that.

I decided words were not doing it for me, I needed to take a road trip.

I went to Sperryville Virginia to one of my favorite art galleries, Haley Fine Art I saw this work by Michael Fitts, but this is too real to be surreal.

I headed to Luray, Virginia and the Warehouse Art Gallery, which always holds some eclectic choices.
I saw some great pieces but this is as “surreal” as it got.

I gave up on the surreal and just took a little driving tour of the town. I love the old houses

and speaking of art, Luray has many murals.

But the crazy thing is that I could have stayed right here in Strasburg. We definitely have some surreal murals!

18 thoughts on “Surreal Road Trip Home

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  2. Glad you joined in, Dawn. At least the topic was a good excuse for a road trip. The band-aid artwork would have left me scratching my head. 🙂 The murals in your hometown and definitely bizarre. The one with the baby portrait beside the blue painting is an unlikely combination.


    • When my son and his wife were here a few years ago (all the murals were painted after he moved away), they went on a mural tour in town. In fact I think i have either taken or directed all of my out of town guests to them over the years. It’s a cool thing to have in your hometown.


  3. How fun to travel to museums with you for a bit of a mini adventure and so even if you could have stayed at home for the great photos – it was good art exploring


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