Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

A pet or pets (yours or someone else’s).
My grandpuppy…Walter

The moon

Clouds (extra credit if you also include rain or snow).
Does snow fog count?

Snowfog first week of February

A reflection…autumn, of course.

A child (extra credit if with other family members).
A few of my grandchildren in a meme I created.

A truck (extra credit if you include the driver or what the truck is hauling).
A splash of Budweiser for the win!

Something fun you found on a walk.
How about the shoes of a dozen children abandoned on the boardwalk in Ocean City?
(They were playing in the sand).

Autumn foliage (extra credit if it’s something that only blooms in the fall).
I found the perfect image just the other day.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt


11 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

  1. Great job Dawn – don’t know that I’ve ever heard of snow fog but it’s beautiful! Also love the image with the grandkids and the text with it. Lots of extra credit on this one!!


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