My Flower Favorites and Why

How to choose? I can’t. Please feel free to click through each gallery for a better view and perhaps more information.

My favorite flower is the daisy.

But really I’m attracted to anything “daisy-like”
Asters, cone-flowers, marigolds, zinnia, black-eyed susans…

and of course, the sunflower!

I love roses for their scent, but also the sentimental memories they provoke.

I also love the scent of the peony, which is delightfully similar to the rose.

Then there are the flowers I like for their unique aesthetic appeal.

and the flowers that make for beautiful fields…

And seasonal and holiday flowers…

And last but not least, the blossoms…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Flower Favorites and Why


13 thoughts on “My Flower Favorites and Why

  1. Oh my, Dawn – you are so right, we cannot get enough of them and the beauty they give us. A glorious post with amazing galleries! Love it how you presented the galleries in different aspects of liking. Interesting with their unique aesthetic appeal and those who make beautiful fields. I have never thought of them in those categories. Well presented!


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