Share Your World: December 3, 2022

Do you have any family traditions?
It is hard to keep with traditions but I used to love them.

With December here, have you ever been carol singing?
Yes. Many times. When I first started at my old job in my 20’s, the older women were always organizing stuff to do. A few years we went to “the old folks home” and sang carols. Later when I had a brownie troop I took them out through town. I never heard so much whining. “My feet hurt. “My hands are cold.” You would have thought they were 70 years old, not 10. (lol)

Do you decorate your home for the Christmas holidays?
I used to be Christmas crazy, but really no one (or hardly anyone) visits these days and it seems like more work than it is worth. I’ll put a few things out. Probably put up my nativity.

Do you enjoy the Christmas rush for preparations and shopping?
I used to but I do not have the funds for Christmas and I figure if I can’t get everyone something I won’t get anyone anything. Seems fair. And shopping? I’ve always hated the crowds but since COVID I go to great lengths to avoid them.

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?
I spent time with friends and that was fun, but for the most part it was a sad week. I unexpectedly lost one my my cousins this week.

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