Friday Fictioneers: Sucking Up to Santa

Seven-year-old Lisa put her animals back on her bed and smoothed out the covers. She looked around the room. Satisfied, she slid on her Mary Jane’s and went downstairs to join her family.

Her mom was talking to her little brother in the kitchen.
“There will be lots of people here tonight. I need you to be on your best behavior. “
“And Santa will come?” Jimmy asked excitedly.
“Yes, and Santa will come.”
“Not tonight, tomorrow night. Did you clean your room?”

“Mine” said Lisa with a smug tip of her nose, “is just as Santa likes it”.

This week’s photo: © Lisa Fox

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.


38 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Sucking Up to Santa

  1. Dear Dawn,

    I’m happy to see you back for another week. 😀 It sounds like Mom’s found a way to get her kids to clean their rooms. At least once a year. 😉 (Never worked for me. You just hope that Santa could find my kids under mess.)




  2. There are always those over-achievers in every family 😉 Good on her to do what’s necessary. At least when the payoff is Christmas morning! Fun stuff, Dawn.


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