Friday Fictioneers: The Calm Before Christmas

I’m the oldest of four girls, the quiet one. My sisters were born 11 months apart and to my father’s dismay, girls.

But he made the best of it. He taught them to hunt, to climb and to split wood. My mother taught me to cook and sew.

My sisters are an EMT, a stockbroker, and an electrician. They are beautiful women, who speak their minds.

They love practical jokes and although I love them, it is always so loud when we are all home, sometimes, it is a little much.

They will be here tomorrow.

I’m enjoying the quiet today.

This week’s photo: © Dale Rogerson Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.


41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Calm Before Christmas

  1. The holidays are a great time for family togetherness and celebrating and reminding us how nice peace and quiet are. I know women who grew up just like your sisters after being born to fathers like the one in your story. I’m sure it makes for more well-rounded human beings.


  2. I love the oxymoron, “a little much.” It says a lot.
    While not a duplicate family, I was reminded of Carly Simon’s relationship her father, mother, and with her older sisters and younger brother.
    Well done, Dawn. 🙂


  3. Lovely character descriptions. Despite the 100 word limit, you give us the key points for each of the sisters. And you evoke a wonderful tranquillity for the calm before the Christmas storm.


  4. My father’s original dismay at having three girls changed when all the boy cousins were born. We are loud and noisy and fun and there is nothing wrong with a nice quiet day following such (as is the case for me, today) 🙂
    Merry Christmas Dawn.


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