Bloganuary 2023: Color Me….

What color describes your personality and why?

I don’t know that one color will do. That is not to say I have more than one personality, I am who I am, and like most people I can’t be pigeon holed. I wanted to choose yellow, at first, because I am generally an optimistic person who tends to most often look at the bright side, sometimes, annoyingly so.  I do love the color yellow mostly for that reason.

But I have my dark days too. They come most often on days like today when it is dismal and gray. Days like today I am gray. I can’t help it. I thrive on sunshine and without it, well, I’m just here, slothing along.

One of my favorite colors is forest green. I love all shades of green to some degree. But that dark shade of green I find calming. It has the same affect as a trip into nature does for me.

So I can not choose just one color, but I limited it to three, so i think that is pretty good. 🙂


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