If I Knew the Language, I Would Just Listen

From Bloganuary: What language do you wish you could speak?

I would think most English speaking Americans would say “Spanish”. There are more Spanish speaking people in our community every day and those who are bi-lingual will be the most sought after. I’m too told to worry about a career now, but I would like to communicate with co-workers who speak Spanish as a first language.

My second choice would be Vietnamese. I am in the nail salon about once a month and it often intrigues me when the owners/employees begin talking over my head.

In case you are wondering, it doesn’t annoy me when they do that, especially since the day they decided to share with me what they were talking about. Let’s just say it left me speechless and it didn’t matter what language I spoke.


One thought on “If I Knew the Language, I Would Just Listen

  1. I think most Americans would find knowing Spanish useful (assuming they don’t know any). But I don’t think English speakers from other English speaking countries would necessarily want to know Spanish as their second language.

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