Taking Stock: January 2023

Reading: The Brighter the Light by Mary Ellen Taylor
The Summons by John Grisham
Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
What Passes as Love by Trish R. Thomas
Double Jeopardy by Sheldon Siegel

Wanting: Information to keep the brain from decline.

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Deciding: This is good advice from Judy Blume about writing.

Pondering: I say very few of these words that should be banished. I had never even heard of the term GOAT until I watched a Barbara Walters tribute after her death on December 30, 2022. I hate the word irregardless, mostly because it is not a word, or at least I think that is why I hate it. I understand gaslighting being on this list. Gaslighting has replaced bullying, which is also over and misused. I just wish people knew the real meaning of the word instead of labeling every bad relationship behavior, gaslighting. I used to say “it is what it is” more often than I do now, kind of like “whatever”, which I rarely use any more. But I am not sure I can give up “absolutely”. What would I say instead?

Considering: Some of the favorite books from last year.

Buying: On recommendation from Terri at Second Wind Leisure this Light Therapy Lamp to help fight SAD.

Watching: On Netflix: I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 of Wednesday.
I was going to skip Bridgerton Season 2, but I am glad I didn’t. Not as many sex scenes as season 1, which I actually appreciate. Its a romance and so it is predictable from episode 1, but sometimes a little mindless TV with beautiful people and their hot bodies is called for. 😉
Harry and Meghan if they are in love as they appear to be, I hope they can enjoy every happiness.
On Prime: Top Gun Maverick, good but not as good as the first but maybe I’m just old school.
The Butler. I remember wanting to see this when it came out. Thank you Prime for making it available to me. I enjoyed it.
I never watched NYPD Blue during its original run in the 90’s but I am enjoying it now and marveling over the lack of sophistication from such a (somewhat) short time ago.

Cringing: Lucky and unlucky objects for your home.

Following: I’ve got most of these 7 Daily Habits down. All except for probably the most important one, exercise.

Noticing: The field of electricity is a good field for young people to pursue.

Feeling: #Kindness101

Hearing: I love listening to books on CD I borrow from our county library. This month I enjoyed:
Bear Town by Fredrik Backman, narrated by Marin Ireland
A Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille, read by Scott Brick.
Going Rogue by Janet Evanovich, read by Lorelei King

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Taking Stock: January 2023

  1. I’m working my way through the Midsomer Murder series. I was heavily into history (American, for a change), then finally had enough reality — even historic reality — and decided I needed a little cozy murder mysteries. What do people do who don’t read books????/


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