Lens-Artists Message: Find Beauty all Around You

When I got my first digital camera about 15+ years ago and began photographing landscapes in earnest one of my goals was to show beauty in everything. In the winter, except in the snow, of course, that is often when it is the most challenging.

I remember once my sister told me that the bare apple trees of winter were ugly. I told her she wasn’t looking at them right. It is, after all, all about perspective.

And some more winter pictures without snow.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Messages


12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Message: Find Beauty all Around You

  1. I So agree with you, and appreciate your outlook, Dawn. The bare trees are a piece of art. I also loved that you include the road in many of your photos. That is a message about forward too. Very nice. Thank you for coming along.


  2. Hi dawn!
    Guess what? I was scrolling the reader and opened this post without seeing the blog name – and I KNEW it was yours!
    How cool is that
    Your signature style was whispering to me
    Anyhow – I like that bare tree and sunset one as my fav today – something about the colors and vibe
    But great post with your word messages and the message from the image itself


  3. Well chosen for the challenge Dawn. I agree with you, I love a bare tree. We see their complexity as well as their simplicity, and then we get to watch as they bud and flower. Nature at her finest!


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