Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Alone Time

I love my family and friends but I also love my alone time. I live alone and spend most of my time alone. It didn’t use to be that way. I have three of my own children and a step daughter who used to fill this house but they are all grown and two of them are out of state.

My youngest and I were always very close when he was growing up but as he got older he pushed away. It’s a natural thing and part of maturing. I gave him his space. I still do. Fortunately he is only 20 minutes away so I visit.

I was married twice and engaged once. That last relationship ended ten years ago and I am not interested in another one. I like my alone time.

I love to read, typically an activity you enjoy alone. I enjoy short car rides and visiting art galleries. I find these activities are also more enjoyable alone. I don’t care much for dining out alone but I don’t mind while traveling, if I have a book.  Mostly though, I save my dining dollars for time with friends.

I love getting up early on a Sunday morning and capturing a sunrise. It is the most serene and meditative time alone I spend, with the second being time spent on my front porch on a nice day.

It has become more of a habit now, my alone time. That happens. I like living on my own schedule, I’ve spoiled myself in that way.

But although I am alone a lot, I am never lonely. I always have my camera and a book.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Alone Time


16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Alone Time

  1. I, too, live alone, and am never lonely. It’s a lovely feeling, especially when you have a rascally canine companions — and loved ones, even if they are scattered around the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, which could just as easily be mine.


  2. You’re right- it’s much easier to read when you’re alone. I often disappear up to the roof. And I prefer galleries and museums on my own in most cases. I can go at my own pace then.


  3. A lovely gallery, Dawn. I can see you walking in the gardens and sitting at the cafe’, and mornings enjoying the sunrise. So many peaceful places! Being among animals is also a nice alone time – with quiet souls. I am with you on short car rides and visiting art galleries. I too find these activities more enjoyable alone. And with my youngest – I have had the same experiences. Good to have them close though.
    Thank you for beutiful images as well – sitting in the chair under that big tree –


  4. I enjoy my own company too. Although I am married (for the 3rd time) we give each other a lot of space. Reading, blogging, in my case gardening and for him his music.


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