Spring Festival 2023: Begins March 23rd!

I love autumn so I each year I host the The Festival of Leaves Challenge. This year some of the other participants suggested we do a Spring Festival as well. Sounds like fun to me so on the first Thursday of Spring (March 23rd) we will begin Spring Festival 2023.

We will probably run it for 10-12 weeks, with the last week being a wrap up. You can link up here or on any of the individual weeks. Be sure to tag your post Spring Festival 2023 so it is easy to find in the reader.
In the meantime if you are already seeing signs of spring you want to share please feel free to link up with this post. Again don’t forget the tag Spring Festival 2023.

Some early blossoms from springs past.

To help guide and inspire you through the season check out these helpful links:

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It is the season that showcases the vibrancy of pinks and purples, and of course, yellows. Click here to see how Spring has sprung in my neighborhood.

7 Tips for Improving Your Spring Photography

11 Spring Photography Ideas To Try This Season

Or if you prefer a video check this one out.


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