Glad to be Here and Now

I’d rather be someplace where it is warm. Not hot, mind you, but perhaps a constant 70 degrees. Although then I would never get to wear the sweaters or boots I love. I would never get to smell autumn, my favorite season, as it heads our way, and most likely the colors would be disappointing.

Spring would also change. Instead of coming on gradually and opening like a flower, we would most likely miss the signs until it was too late. Imagine not capturing all those blooms with our cameras, with our eyes, and with our souls, because if you think about it, you know, that spring does something to your soul.

Perhaps I would even miss winter, although I can not imagine it. I suppose it does serve its purpose.

So maybe I am better off where I am. Here and now.

Although I would rather be younger, richer, and smarter. 🙂



Sunday Stills: I’d Rather Be


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