A Few of My Favorite Trees

I love trees and I love photographing, them as I bragged about here, during April A-Z T is for Trees.

Today I have broken it down to groups beginning with singular trees, those trees I come back to again like The Sling Shot Tree and The Pig Face Tree, the tree in front of my friend Eric’s house, and the one at Diane’s, the sycamore on my favorite road, and the willow in spring.

Next we have groves and forests. The Poplars on Skyline Drive, Dogwood Lane at the arboretum, the unmistakable red of the trees in autumn that line the road into our town park, the peach and the apple trees, and of course Ginkgo Grove.

Next are the lovely driveways lined with trees that show off their color, especially during spring and autumn, but also the green of summer.

One of my favorite angles to photograph trees are in a folder named “Up Trees”.

Nature Photo Challenge: Trees


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