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  • Arch 2015

    Lingering Look at Architecture 2015 Title Page

  • 2015 Title Page

    Lingering Look at Windows Title Page

  • Tin Can Rusted!(w)

    Best of the Week: Tin Can Rusted!

    1 standard
  • The newest addition to the neighborhood.

    Sunday Stills: Babies

    4 standard
  • Culpeper National Cemetery(w)# (1)

    Silent Sunday: 05-24-15

    4 standard
  • Spirit Cummings i

    Weekly Quote: Pursue Curiosity, Not Passion

    5 standard
  • Staunton Children's Art(w)# (12)

    Six Word Saturday ~ I’m Not Waiting. I Just Go.

    7 standard
  • IMG_3259

    Five Stories: Day Five ~ We Might Not Have Time for Pictures

    2 standard
  • Clouds from plane(w)# (1)

    Share Your World 2015: Week #20

    10 standard
  • The smile of an expectant mother

    Black and White: Heads or Facial Expressions

    5 standard
  • Getting Ready to Wallop

    Five Stories: Day Four ~ Getting Ready to Wallop

    6 standard
  • Architectural Details in the Sky(w)

    Sky Watch Friday: Architectural Details in the Sky

    3 standard