Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Driving down Scenic Rt.11 I spotted this rooster standing in the yard of a lawn ornament merchandiser.

Vivid Rooster

He beckoned me to stop and that’s when I met this vivid pony.

Vivid Pony

It wasn’t long before I was lost in a sea of vivid mirror balls.

Vivid Mirrorballs

Naturally I had to take a vivid selfie.

Vivid Selfie

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

12 thoughts on “Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

  1. I love your vivid garden ornaments, especially the carousel horse, I only have a small garden so I’m having to stick to the not-so-vivid ornaments. I’ve decided that instead of having one, or maybe two bright feature ornaments, I would go with lots of little surprises hidden around the garden then you don’t really see them until you’re looking at them and each time you do notice them they raise a new smile. 🙂


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